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Specialized Student Resources

We are serious about helping each student succeed academically, and work with our students to help them progress and excel through grade school and into high school.  Our students come to us at various levels and with various needs; we have a track record of helping students’ individual learning needs.


We do this through our excellent staff – Title 1, teachers, counselors, volunteers, etc.  And we do this in cooperation and collaboration with our school parents.  Our graduates go on to succeed in high school – and in great high schools – based on our help in preparing them to succeed at that level.

































Parent Testimonials


“Her teacher set up a system for my daughter to learn, and she became an entirely different student.”


“We came to St. Benedict because I wanted to be sure he was ready for high school, and because I was worried that he was falling behind at his other school.  I’m proud to report that he’s now going to a top high school – he wouldn’t have gotten there without St. Benedict.”

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