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Become a Volunteer

We believe that parents are the best partners in making our school successful. Throughout the year there will be many opportunities for you to get involved and strengthen our school! Parents can help with field trips, events, and after-school activities and we will work together to meet your flexible schedules. Call the school to find out how you can volunteer.

Parents Assisting With Service (PAWS) Program

  • In order to keep tuition low, we offer the PAWS Program to our families. In return each family is asked to do six forms of service for each school year. ​

  • Parents can earn a PAW a number of different ways:

    • Participating in school life​

    • Volunteering for service projects

    • Donating supplies

    • Chaperoning field trips

    • Attending Parent Involvement Workships sponsored by the school

  • Every three hours of volunteer service is equal to one PAW.

  • In order to volunteer in direct contact with the students, each volunteer must be in full compliance according to the Archdiocese of Chicago .

Volunteers Are Required to Submit/Complete

The Following:

According to the Archdiocese of Chicago, all individuals who volunteer around the students must be in full compliance. To be in full compliance, you must complete the following:

  • Virtus Training Session Protecting God's Children Program (In-Person Attendance Required)

    • Follow online instructions on Virtus. Attend in-person training and submit to our office the certificate of training.

    • Background check for parents is done the Virtus as well.

  • Code of Conduct Archdiocese of Chicago

    • Read, sign, date and return the signature page to our office.

  • CANTS Authorization For Background Check IL DCFS Form 

    • Complete, sign, date and return form to our office (DO NOT MAIL TO SPRINGFIELD)

  • eApps Criminal Background Check 

    • Follow eApps directions. Then complete and submit Application online

    • Call the school for the'Access Code'

  • Application for Employment Archdiocese of Chicago 

    • Complete, sign, date and return all pages to our office. 

NOTE: If you have already completed Virtus Training, you do not need to attend another session. Please submit your Virtus Training certificate as well as the other paperwork to the main office, so we can start your file! You may upload/print all forms online or come to the main office to pick up full packet to complete. Call the office if you have any questions.

The safety of our students is one of our top priorities!

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