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Early Childhood

Welcome to our Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program!  Our program includes two mixed-age preschool classrooms for children ages 3 to 5 years, as well as one kindergarten classroom for children ages 5 to 6.


Our ECE Classrooms are wonderfully exciting environments that encourage creativity and spark the curiosity of young children.  Our students are provided the time to explore ideas they are eager to investigate. Classrooms are designed to provide children opportunities throughout the day for independent discovery as well as collaborative work with peers and teachers.  Young children are excited to learn every minute of every day!


Our teachers implement the Project Approach and STEM Education (Science Technology Engineering Math) by using an appropriate framework to guide students through in-depth learning of real world topics and seeking to find solutions.  Projects are a collaborative effort of teachers and students. They choose, design and do the work of the projects together, which provides meaningful and authentic learning experiences for our young children. 

It's our philosophy that all children can be successful in our learning environment

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A Warm Welcome

Each day we accept and support every child to ensure he or she feels physically and emotionally safe and comfortable

Project Approach

Utilizing a well-planned curriculum with appropriate learning and developmental goals that are both challenging and achievable

Child Focused

A focus on the enhancement of every child’s development and learning as we strive to meet their needs

Positive Guidance

Implement positive discipline strategies

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Active Learning

Encourage every child to be actively engaged in their learning

Family Involvement 

Provide parents opportunities to be actively involved with their child’s education​

Our program is deeply rooted in well-researched teaching strategies focused on HOW young children develop and learn best.  Our goal is to provide every child the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential and become life long learners.  Our teachers and staff are well trained and highly knowledgeable in the field of early childhood development.

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Enroll your child today!

Family Involvement 

You are your child’s first teacher and we need your help!

Research shows that when families are actively involved in their child’s school, students arrive to school on time, have excellent attendance, achieve higher grades, have a high level of motivation, and are less likely to face discipline issues.

Students from actively involved families come to school ready and able to learn and benefit from the high quality learning experiences offered in the environment we provide for our students.

You will have numerous opportunities to participate in your child’s education and be an actively involved parent.  We are looking forward to your family joining our school family!We invite you to come visit our classrooms.  You will hear the joyous sounds of AHA! discoveries and see a buzz of enthusiastic activity as our students genuinely engage in their learning.  

You may see your kids participating in:
  • Following blueprints they have designed and building the structure on the blueprints, using blocks or legos

  • Reinforcing  their letter or number skills on an iPad

  • Working in a small group with their teacher, listening for words that rhyme

  • Enjoying books in the classroom library alone or with a friend

  • Painting at an easel and creating a masterpiece

  • Investigating magnets and trying to figure our how they work

  • Drawing and writing in their journal

  • Working together to build a large floor puzzle

  • Using head phones and listening to a book being read on a CD player

  • Singing and dancing as a class to one of their favorite songs, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! on the Smart Board

We invite you to stop by for a visit!  Please call the office to set up your time.

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