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Principal Farrand and students
Principal Farrand talking with a female student
Principal Farrand with a student and parent in front of Big Shoulders Fund banner
Principal Farrand and students

As Principal, my greatest joy is spending time talking with students, getting a hug from a student who is excited and happy about being at school,  and visiting classrooms to observe our engaged learners and their amazing teachers. Our school is a team effort!  Our committed staff and benefactors share their expertise and gifts to our students and their families. 


The past school years have brought many challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have navigated and continue to navigate the complexities of the pandemic and continued to serve our students and families without missing a beat.  We were ready!


 I know every student by name and build a personal relationship with each child and their family. When you come to visit our school, you will see the joy and learning that is happening.  You’ll see teachers working with individual students, and students being kind and respectful to each other.  Our students race in the door every day!  You will feel the sense of family that permeates our school.  


I encourage you to visit. For interested families, I look forward to building a relationship with you and working together for your children to join our school community.


Please contact us at 773-776- 3316 or visit our admissions page for information about applying to the school.  


We work with every family on an individual basis to make our school affordable.   We believe every child deserves an Academy of St. Benedict the African education!   We accept Action for Children to assist with preschool and before and after care.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Academy of St Benedict serves families from the City of Chicago and surrounding area, caring for and providing an excellent education for their pre-Kindergarten through  8th  grade students.  We believe in educating the whole child: spirit, mind, and body. 


We serve working families from 6:15 am until 6:00 pm, combining before-school care, a rigorous academic program tailored for individual success, and an after-school program.


For generations, our school’s most defining characteristics are the strong sense of love and care we have for our students and their families, combined with a deep commitment to helping students advance and grow.  We strive to prepare students for the top high schools in Chicago.

Meet Principal Farrand

Jennifer J. Farrand, Principal

BA Elementary Ed – Springfield College

MEd. Administration and Supervision – Loyola University

EdD Candidate - 3 Cs: Curriculum, Culture and Communities – Loyola University

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